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About us

     OkFlora is the company that has an 8 years experience in the flower delivery area. Here are created the most beautiful floral compositions, executed with very much love by our florists. Our main goal is to fill the souls of the ones you love with possitive emotions.

     We create bouquets and floral arrangements for every occasion. We will decorate your office, conference or reception rooms. Also, OkFlora can help you to create your perfect bridal bouquet and the whole specific range of wedding floral products or will bring floral compositions at your corporate event.

     If you want to surprise someone or you just need a special arrangement for one of the most impoartant events in your life, contact OkFlora. We will pass over the stereotypes and will provide you an unique service. OkFlora is the company that offers you exclusive and authentical floral arrangements, delivered by our own couriers.

     You can place your order online, by phone or ot our head quarter. You can be sure that the most special and chosen with harmony flowers will be delivered to you and the ones you love.


How we deliver?

Delivery "Surprise"
Delivery "Traditional"