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Terms of use

  1. These terms and conditions are applicable to www.okflora.ro website. If you visit our online shop, you accept these terms and conditions. By using www.okflora.ro and the services offered throught it, you agree to be bound by these conditions of use and guidelines.
  2. We provide services of:
    • Flowers delivery;
    • Creation of bouquets and floral arrangements for every ocassion;
    • Flower arrangements for conference or reception rooms and corporate events;
    • Bridal bouquet and the whole specific range of wedding floral products;
    • Floral arrangements for funerals.
  3. The services provided by www.OkFlora.ro, especially the proces of making and delivery of floral compositions and delivery of adjacent products as well requires full payment.
  4. All the goods and products published on the website are used for presentation. Each floral arrangement has an individual character and may differ in packaging, size, the way it looks, etc. During some periods of the year, depending on the seasonal factors, available stock or working techniques are possible some changes in number or assortment. Therefore, the final product may look different from the ones presented on the web page or wherever on the internet. However, within each floral composition will respect the value of the final product and overall appearance/characteristics.
  5. If the customer doesn’t know the exact address of the recipient, he will let us know the phone adress of the recipient. Further, by contacting the recipient “OkFlora.ro” will determine the date, time and plce of delivery. If the recipient refuses to receive the flowers for any reasons, the delivery is deemed executed and the money are not refunded.
  6. If the customer places an order that must be delivered based on the name from Facebook, “OkFlora” company guarantees full refund of money in case if the recipient can not be found. If the recipient refuses to receive the flowers for any reasons, the delivery is deemed executed and the money are not refunded. In case if the recipient refuses to offer the personal information, the order is cancelled and the money are refund to the customer.
  7. In case if the customer is not satisfied by the execution of the order or by the quality of the delivered products, please contact us within 24 hours from the delivery moment. Because flowers are an alterable product, if we will not be informed on time about this issue, we will not be able to replace the product or to return the paid amount. If our team does not fulfill a correct placed and paid order, we guarantee the full refund of money.
  8. The customer will provide the payment of services in advance in amount of 100% of the cost of services by using any methods from the “Payment Method” field on the site or proposed by the operator. An exceptions are only the bridal bouquets and the whole range of wedding floral products.
  9. The minim value of the order must be 70 RON.
  10. The responsibility of “OkFlora.ro”, as a result of the claims on the services or their fulfillment is limited to the amount paid by the customer.
  11. In case if there are any changes in the order or if the customer decides to add some additional products or to modify the greeting card, he must prevent us by phone call, email or by coming to our office within 5 hours. In case if the rule is not respected, we do not assume the responsability to perform the requested changes. If the customer announcces about the changes less than 5 hours, he should pay 100% of the amount.
  12. If the order is cancelled (more than 24 hours before the delivery) we guarantee the full return of the paid money. The bank charge wil be deducted from the returned amount.
  13. Delivery of the orders throught Bucharest or its surrounding areas are made within 2-5 hours after placement and payment of the order. Deliveries are made within the hours indicated by the owner during the placement of the order on the site.
  14. If the order has to be delivered to the hotels, capcities, etc., the customer must indicate the room numbers and the recipient’s registration name. As orders in the hotels can be delivered only until the reception, the order delivered to the reception can be considered as an executed order. Company “OkFlora.ro” is not responsible for the delays of the orders due to wrong adress of the hotel, earlier departure of the recipient from the hotel or changes at the room number.
  15. The accuracy of the delivery depends on the recipe’s dates provided by the customer. Therefore, please complete the checkout carefully and if it is necessary please mention the specific data in the order’s comments.
  16. Each customer must indicate the exact address of the recipient. In case if the customer does not know the delivery address, the company “OkFlora” reserves the right of calling the recipient in order to find out the correct delivery address. If the customer provide us incomplete dates regardin recipient adress or the recipient is absent at the indicated address, the customer will be informed about the changes in the order status. As well, the recipient can be called to conclude the corectness of the adress and the order will be delivered     as soon as possible to the new adress. Afterwards, the customer is required to pay the repeated amount for the delivery:
    • 39 RON - the cost throught the city;
    • for other destinations the amount is the same as the initial delivery.
    • if the recipient is not at the indicated address and (or) is not available, the order returns to the company. Within 72 hours if we don't find the recipient, even with the help of the customer, the order is considered delivered and the money is not refunded;
  17. The execution, such as the send of the picture is only made with the consent of the recipient.
  18. The refund procedure and terms entirely depend on the payment method chosen at the order placement. If the payment method was made by paying with the card, the return of the funds is only on the card account with which the payment was made.
  19. The customer is required to comply with the law and to provide reliable data when placing the order.
  20. The titular undertakes, when providing the information necessary for the execution of the order, to comply with the norms of the legislation in force. (Example: not to use the non-standard lexical congratulation text, not to use the services of the shop as a bribe, not to use the delivery service workers for entry into prohibited places or other violations).
  21. The order can be cancelled only by phone or at our office within 5 hours before the delivery.
  22. Orders for the same day and the next night are taken until 20:00.
  23. If the buyer breaches the given conditions, the online store has the right to stop the service, to remove the breaches and to compensate the damages incurred by the store for them, or to terminate the service agreement, informing the customer about the issues at the electronic address provided at order placement.
  24. In breach of the above stipulations, the shop is responsible for failure to meet the conditions, if it occurs as a result of force major, including the actions of state bodies, fire, flood, earthquake, other natural calamities,, unstable computer networks, power outage, strikes, and other cases not included in the list, which may influence the execution of the order.
  25. OkFlora.ro can not be penalized for not providing additional free services such as: sending SMS confirmation of delivery, sending the picture to delivery to the customer's email address, delivery of the greeting card.