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How we deliver?

Find the price in your locality


We deliver flowers and gifts all over Romania. The cost of a delivery is different for each locality. In Bucharest delivery is free 24/24. For the other locations, please select from the above fields the region and the price will be displayed.

We please you respectfully to place your order with some hours earlier,  so that we can deliver it on time. Placement of online orders (on site) is possible 24/7. Phone orders are received between 8-23 hours each day.

In Bucharest, as well as in the suburbs of the city, the order is delivered within 2-5 hours after payment.

In other regions (excepsion Bucharest and Ilfov ) the delivery will be made by the couriers from FunCourier, according to their work schedule. From Monday to Friday, orders are received until 15 o'clock and are shipped the next day between 9-17. On Sunday Fun Courier doesn't  work, and the orders for Monday are received until Saturday at 12 o'clock.

And last but not least, we assure you full confidentiality if you choose anonimous delivery !


How we deliver?

Delivery "Surprise"
Delivery "Traditional"
Photo at delivery

The courier will take a picture at delivery as proof that the order has been delivered to the exact requirements of your choice, if you have requested this option when ordering your order. The pictures can only be emailed and the LivrareFlori.md is not responsible if the person does not want to be posed or some errors occur: lack of internet connection, erroneous contact data, communication errors, etc. The photo is made with mobile phone.

Atention! On February 14th, March 8th, Christmas, etc.  we reserve the right not to send the picture. Thank you for understanding.